Services & Solutions We Offer

SLM Solutions specializes in establishing the structure, policies, procedures and HR function in start-ups and existing companies needing an HR and risk management presence. Our services include onsite visits and unlimited support via telephone or email to review, evaluate, and make recommendations on the following:


  • Employee Selection - Employment applications, legal and illegal interview questions, reference and background checks, Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance, job descriptions, job offers

  • Employee Relations - Disciplinary procedures, counseling, employee recognition, termination procedures, exit interviews

  • Legally-Required Benefits - Social Security, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, COBRA, FMLA eligibility

  • Optional Group Benefits - Medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurances, time off benefits, flexible benefits, retirement plans, employee assistance programs, tuition assistance

  • Employee Classification - Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (proper designation of exempt v. non-exempt employees), independent contractors

  • Recordkeeping - Personnel files, confidential records, payroll records, I-9 forms, W-4 forms, disciplinary forms, annual evaluations, pre-employment health or drug screenings, medical/workers' compensation records, required OSHA recordkeeping

  • Training and Development - New employee orientation, staff development, sexual/workplace harassment training, effective interviewing

  • Employee Communications - Employee handbook, recognition programs, mandated posters, required OSHA reporting

  • Internal Policy Development - Company-wide policies on equal employment opportunity, smoking, sexual/workplace harassment, time off, holidays, sick time, absenteeism and tardiness, personal appearance, solicitation, drugs and alcohol, leaves of absence and more
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